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Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Sidewalk Program

The Village Board is making a concentrated effort to repair existing sidewalks and establis new sidewalks in areas where they do not exist. The Board encourages residents to participate in the annual sidewalk program.

There are two options avaliable:

1. The Village is responsible for the cost of the concrete, while the resident may install the sidewalk themselves.

2. 50/50 Program: The entire cost is split 50/50. The materials and the installation are divided by the Village and the resident.

Residents requesting sidewalk repair must fill out and application obtained at the Village Hall and be approved by the Street & Alleys Committee.

The project must be inspected by the Public Works Department, they must be given a 48 hours notice before pouring the cement.

This applies only to repair of sidewalks or establised areas that do not have existing sidewalks, new construction is exempt from the program, and must install their own sidewalks.

A complete application and list of requirements may be picked up at the Village Hall (815-498-3500) or call Trustee Rich McMillen.
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