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Water & Sewer Bills

Water & Sewer Bills are due quarterly (4 times a year):


They are to be paid at the Village Hall or for your convenience they ay be dropped off at the Police station.

The bill are mailed thirty days 30 days prior to due date.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure their water bill has been received.

*Every fiscal year the water and sewer bill will increase the cost of living (this year 3%)



- Billing is quarterly (every 3months)
- Your Billing Cycle:

February 1 February 28 Nov. 1 – Jan. 31
May 1 May 31 Feb. 1 – Apr. 30
August 1 August 31 May 1 – July 31
November 1 November 30 Aug. 1 – Oct. 31

- What is the Late Fee Date on my bill?
            The Late Fee Date is the first date the penalty fee is charged. If your payment has not been
            received by the Due Date on your bill, it is late.

- Late Fee (or Penalty Fee)Explanation and Details:
            Any bill not paid by the due date is subject to a Late Fee (also called a Penalty Charge). The
            Late Fee is 20% of your current bill. (For example: if your bill is $60.44, then 20% of 60.44 is
            12.09 and 12.09 is added to the current bill of 60.44. Your Late Amount is now $72.53.)

            Any bill not paid by the Due Date will have the Late Fee added as of the Late Fee Date             shown on the bill.

- What if a Due Date or Late Fee Date is on a Sunday or a Holiday?
            It does not matter. The date stands, no exceptions.

- How can I pay my bill?
            You can pay your bill the following ways:
            - You can pay in person at Village Hall.
            If paying in person, only Cash and Checks are accepted. We do not accept Credit Cards.
            If paying with cash, exact change please. We do not have cash for change.
            - You can mail your payment to Village Hall, but it MUST be received in the mail by the
            due date or the Late Fee will be added.
            - You can put your payment in an envelope with your pay stub (or your name and address at
            least) and put it in the Drop-Box located towards the bottom of the door to the office. The             box is locked and secure. The front door to Village Hall is open 24/7 so you can make your             payment this way any time of day or night.
            - You can pay at the Police Station, BUT it must be handed to an officer. Do not leave it there
            if no officer is present. Cash or checks only.

- When are Late Fee Bills Mailed and Due?
            - Late Fee Bills are out one day after the Late Fee is added to the bill. These bills are pink.
            Late Fee Bills are due by the date on this bill – generally around the 15th of that month.

            If the Late Fee Bill is NOT paid by the Due Date, you will receive a Water Shut-Off             Notice. The Water Shut-Off Notice will be placed on your door with the date on which             your water will be turned off. If the water is turned off, you must pay your outstanding             bill in full as well as a $75.00 fee to have the water turned back on.

- Can my water be turned off during the winter months?

- What can I do if I cannot pay my bill on time?
            If you know you will have trouble paying your bill, please stop by Village Hall and let us know
            as soon as possible. We will work with you to the best of our abilities. It is in your best             interest to let us know. Do not wait until the last possible second.

- What if I never received a bill?
            If you have not received a bill a week after it was mailed out (see Billing Cycle Dates), it is
            your responsibility to contact Village Hall. It is also your responsibility to inform Village Hall if
            you have a change of address, change of P.O. Box #, name change or any other change             that may have prevented the bill from reaching you.

- What is the lowest amount my bill can be?
            The lowest rate (or minimum bill) as of December 31, 2014 is $60.44 which is the rate for             zero to 3000 gallons. The Village has an ordinance that allows a Cost of Living raise every             year of no more than 3%. This is applied on the August 1 bill. We go by the state average             for Cost of Living.

- What if I have a pool, put in new sod, etc.?
            We do not adjust the sewer portion of the utility bill. You are responsible for the additional
            water/sewer charges.

- What is the W SURCHAR of $10.00 on my bill?
            Every utility bill has a surcharge of $10.00 that is applied to the IEPA loan for the new
            water tower.

- How do I contact Village Hall?
            Village Hall is located at 131 S. Depot
            Office Hours are 8am – 4:30pm Mon. – Fri.
            The phone number is 815-498-3500

Aaron Grandgeorge (Village President) -

Somonauk Village Hall - 131 S Depot St, Somonauk, IL 60552 - (815) 498-3500

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